WebSupervisor 4.0

Cloud Based System for Remote Management of ComAp Controllers
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WebSupervisor is a cloud-based system designed for management of ComAp controllers via the internet. This system offers a number of beneficial features that help optimize revenue for machinery fleets, as each piece of equipment can be individually monitored for all important operation values.

WebSupervisor gives you an overview of all your asset’s status, location, and other important data and alerts - all on one screen. Detailed data-logging, historical trends, and asset management is all easily accessible.

From your PC, tablet or mobile phone you can instantly reach the most important and relevant data. The responsive design ensures easy to use operation on any screen size.

  • List and map view of assets and alerts on one screen
  • Dashboard with fleet statistics
  • Advanced graphs and trends
  • API interface for easy connection to your SW solution
  • Customizable look with your logo and URL
  • Automatic monthly reports
  • Single machine or group control
  • Quick connection to PC tools
  • Automatic download of history records from controller
  • Option to run in public or private cloud

WebSupervisor offers equipment owners a number of powerful reporting tools allowing monthly summaries of availability and revenue creation ensuring that maintenance scheduling and asset utilization can be maximized for individual equipment and the whole fleet. The information
generated from each controller can be archived on the central server for future analysis and trend evaluation.

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Headquarters - United States
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Headquarters - United States

Headquarters - United States
+1 815 636 2541
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