Starting with ComAp controllers

A step by step guide for ComAp controllers

Simple or complex applications, our smart control solutions for power generation are very simple to install and use.

Our single gen-set controllers, InteliLite and InteliNano AMF 5 are designed for standby and prime power applications. The InteliGen4 200 controllers are paralleling controllers for both single and multiple gen-set applications.

Learn more how to use our controllers and their main features with these step-by-step explainer videos. The feature videos are done using the example of InteliLite4 controllers, however the same features and principles apply for our InteliGen4 200 and InteliNano AMF 5* controllers.

Working with InteliLite4, InteliGen4 200 and InteliNano AMF 5 controllers

*Configuring InteliNano AMF 5

Setting up the InteliNano AMF 5 controller follow similar principles to the ones for InteliLite controllers, even if their size and design is slightly different.

The missing LEFT and RIGHT buttons in the InteliNano AMF 5 are represented as one circle MODE button to help navigate the interface. In most cases, the MODE button functions as the RIGHT button. The PAGE button is now located on the left side. This button switches on the display page.

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