InteliNano AMF 5


InteliNano AMF 5 is a smart control solution for small to medium-sized power backup and standby gen-set applications. This controller has Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) and Manual and Remote Start (MRS) features that ensure reliable and efficient performance. It provides complete protection for your gen-set and it is compact, making it easy to install and operate. Moreover, it is compatible with a long list of Engine Control Unit (ECU) options and supports Stage V & Tier4Final, providing more flexibility. 

*Please note that the sales order under the product code IN2AMF5XBAANP is for a box with 60 pieces of units.
** The controllers ordered under the IN2AMF5XBAANU order code are not UL 1008 certified. 

The recommended accessory for this product is the Gasket IN2 (OT1GIN2XXAX).
  • Easy configuration with InteliConfig
  • Plug-in module slot for remote monitoring
  • Cyber security by design
  • Full 3-phase measurement
  • 5V output reference for analogue inputs
  • E-Stop

    InteliNano AMF 5
InteliNano AMF 5 is an easily configurable unit that provides flexible control of single gen-sets for prime power and stand-by applications. It comes with connectivity and communication features, enabling you to monitor your sites remotely. 

The InteliNano AMF 5 offers:

  • Flexible and efficient setup and monitoring using InteliConfig, ComAp’s PC configuration and monitoring tool
  • Precise current measurement in all phases
  • One slot for plug-in modules for 4G-GPS, Ethernet, RS232/485
  • AirGate 2.0 for easy connection to your equipment remotely without worrying about your asset’s IP address
  • Geo-fencing feature with optional 4G-GPS plug-in module helping with efficient unit tracking and theft prevention
  • Remote monitoring of your gen-set operations from anywhere, anytime with WebSupervisor, our cloud-based fleet management tool
  • High-level security features keeping your business and data as safe as possible
  • Secure user access management
  • Integrated communication and control ports on board (USB-C, CAN)
  • User-defined protections and setpoints on top of default protection
  • Event-based history with 100 records for fast and easy troubleshooting
  • Stand-by and prime power application control from one unit
  • Improved hardware platform with switchable analogue input and 5V reference output for analogue sensors
  • Precise measuring with a True Root Mean Square measurement feature
  • Low power mode to avoid battery drainage for prime power applications
  • Possibility to integrate InteliSCADA, our intuitive software tool for quick and simple creation and monitoring of complex SCADA systems
  • Multi-purpose maintenance timer and exercise timers 
  • Multi ECU (Electronic Control Unit) with support for two control units
  • Modbus register mapping
  • Power over USB-C for controller configuration
  • Multilingual support and translator option
  • RTC with a replaceable backup battery


  • EN 61000-6-2
  • EN 61000-6-4
  • EN 61010-1
  • EN 60068-2-1 (-20 °C/16 h)
  • EN 60068-2-2 (70 °C/16 h)
  • EN 60068-2-6 (2÷25 Hz / ±1,6 mm; 25÷100 Hz / 40 m/s2)
  • EN 60068-2-27 (a=500 m/s2; T=6 ms)
  • EN 60068-2-30:2005 25/55°C, RH 95%, 48hours
  • EN 60529 (front panel IP50, front panel IP65 with gasket, back side IP20)

Please check the manual for a complete list of supported controllers and applications.

About InteliNano AMF 5

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