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DriveConfig is an intuitive software tool that enables you to quickly and effectively configure and program your controllers. The tool is compatible with ComAp’s InteliDrive DCU Marine/Industrial, InteliDrive Mobile, InteliBifuel and InteliBifuel Mobile/Lite controllers. 
  • Offline and online configuration through multiple communication interfaces    
  • Variable screen customisation for InteliVision 5/8/12  
  • Built-in PLC Editor
  • Advanced protection system
  • ECU support    


ComAp’s DriveConfig tool will help you modify your controller’s configuration and ensure you are operating with the latest firmware upgrades.

DriveConfig offers: 

  • Configuration cloning - cloning the controller’s configuration to help replicate a defective controller or create an identical one 
  • Regular firmware upgrades to ensure your controller is up to date
  • Built-in PLC Editor and PLC monitor helping to define your controller’s user logic
  • Easy adjusting of the initial setpoints value
  • Advanced and variable protection system protecting the controller against critical conditions and informing the operator in case of any issues
  • ECU (Electronic Control Unit) support
  • Built-in Screen Editor enabling easy customisation of the screen content for our remote displays InteliVision 5/8/12
  • Communication via multiple interfaces, including USB, Ethernet, AirGate, Serial
  • Supported controllers:
      • InteliDrive DCU Marine/Industrial
      • InteliBiFuel
      • InteliBiFuel MOBILE/LITE
  • PC operating systems supported: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10

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  • Remote and in-person trainings and a range of support materials
  • Expert consultation, troubleshooting, and much more

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