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PC Configuration and Monitoring Tool
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New generation of the PC Configuration and Monitoring Tool supporting the latest InteliLiteInteliGen 200, InteliMains 210,InteliGen 500 controllers and remote display InteliVision 5.2.

NEW! Screen Editor is the part of InteliConfig (from version 2.13.1).
It allows easy Screen customization for InteliGen 500 and InteliVision 5.2.

  • Remote control, monitoring and On-line / Off-line parameters adjustment with 3 levels of password protection
  • Change setpoints of Multiple Controllers using MultiWrite option
  • Controller and module configuration, programming and cloning
  • Remote display programming
  • Built in PLC Editor and PLC Monitor
  • Power format and ECU unit selection
  • Gen-set and ECU Alarm monitoring + complete real time history
  • Custom ‚Welcome‘ screen editor
  • Search tool
  • Embedded manuals
  • Auto-hiding of unused setpoints
  • ECU Fault Code blocking (version 2.8 and higher)

PC Requirements

  • MS Win 7 SP1/Win 8/Win 8.1/Win 10
    • ​MS Win XP is not supported! MS Win XP is supported in obsolete predecessor LiteEdit 2015
  • .NET Framework 4.7


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