InteliBifuel 2

Bi-fuel/dual-fuel control system package
Order code: IBF-2
  • InteliBifuel 2 is a control system package which will enable 4 stroke diesel engines, generating sets or pumps to operate on Bi-fuel/dual-fuel (a mixture of 2 fuels at the same time) 
  • The controller package is suitable for all inline diesel engines up to a maximum of 6 cylinders and for various types of gases – natural gas, well gas, landfill gas, coal gas, propane gas, biogas and others
  • The InteliBifuel 2 control package includes:
    • InteliBifuel CU – a highly configurable expandable Bi-fuel control unit with built-in PLC functions
    • InteliBifuel DENOX 2 – an anti-knocking system with multiple (up to 2) channels
    • InteliBifuel DFM – a Dual Fuel Module for fuel control and monitoring
  • Fully automatic and dynamic Bi-fuel control solution mainly concerned with the safe control and precise modulation and maximization the substituted fuel (typically gas) to a diesel engine
  • Primary parameters are set with strict attention to engine safety, monitoring and protection
  • Integrated proactive knocking and misfiring protection control (up to 2 channels)
  • Support of engines with EFI (ECU) - CAN/J1939 or Cummins Modbus
  • 500 event driven history records
  • Engine measurement from sensors or via J1939
  • 14 binary inputs, 14 binary outputs, 8 analog inputs
  • Expandable to over 100 binary inputs and outputs is available via additional modules
  • 3 level password protection
  • Remote control and monitoring via analog/GSM modem, SMS or Internet
  • Configurable PLC functions (Logical, Mathematical, Comparators, Analog switch, PID loops, Counters, Timers, Delay and others)
  • RS232, Modem, Modbus, Internet communication
  • EN, UL, CSA, NFPA certifications
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