The heart of smart control for
Gas and CHP

Powerful and Cost-effective Solutions for Gas Gen-set Control

Large CHP sites, prime power, or small asynchronous gen-set? Natural gas, biogas, landfill gas? We have solutions for all of them.

How it works

ComAp Gas solutions are designed to control gen-sets in both network parallel, island and even in combined operation. One control system provides complete control of the gas engine including Air/Fuel ratio, alternator including demanding grid codes requirements, and applications ranging from power production to demanding cogenerations and trigenerations. Local and remote monitoring of the whole process is standard. That's why we're the heart of smart control.


CHP Control Solutions

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Recommended by our customers

'AVS GmbH has been established for more than 15 years, offering products from 50kW up to 530kW. For more than 10 years we have relied on our partnership with ComAp and their products.'

Steffen Herrmann Managing Director 
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