Case Study

CHP Installation at Pasta Zara's factory

5 Jan 2018

5 min read

Pasta Zara is one of the biggest producers of pasta in Italy with a volume of 400.000 tons/year capacity. The Pasta Zara group has three production sites, all of them supplied by a modern CHP Power Plant.

The first cogeneration plant was built at their headquarters in 2001 using three Caterpillar engines for a total amount of 5MWe. For this power station they used one of our first InteliSys CG controllers. The controller was operational for 14 years without interruptions or failure. 

In the middle of 2015, the company's first power station was rebuilt and ComAp provided the entire control system based on our InteliSys NTC BaseBox controllers. In 2016, the company completed their last production site, the Rovato factory, and equipped it with a CHP power station based on Caterpillar CAT3516 gas engine Interlay controlled, which os controllerd by the new the InteliSys Gas.

CHP plant

The power station is a robust installation based on Caterpillar’s CAT3516 127/54, the only gas engine on the market able to work with 127°C jacket water temperature. The heat recovery system consists of an exhaust gas-overheated water generator, and two heat exchangers that are able to recover the heat from an oil cooler and intercooler. In this configuration, the plant is able to produce 990 kW of electrical power, hot water and overheated water to be used in the pasta drying process.

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