InteliSys 2000

Order code: IS32000XBBB, IS32000XBBBNU

InteliSys 2000 sets an industry standard for advanced power generation control units. Tailored for various power generation applications, including gas gensets and cogeneration heat-power setups, it ensures cutting-edge performance with unrivalled PLC resources, modular expandability, and control algorithm flexibility. The InteliSys 2000 is developed in line with the latest market trends, grid code standards, and security protocols and comes with extensive communication capabilities. 
  • Gas engines and CHPs applications support
  • Multi-ECU support
  • Integrated Modbus Master (Client) functionality
  •  Large and easy to use internal PLC editor
  • 3 voltage sensing points
  • Support of high number of I/Os CAN extension module
  • Compliant to world-wide Grid codes requirements
  • Lifetime history on micro-SD card

The product is compliant with global grid codes, but it is certified for the following standards:

  • EN 50549-1
  • EN 50549-2

    InteliSys 2000
InteliSys 2000 is an advanced power generation control unit tailored for gas gensets, cogeneration heat-power setups, standard diesel gensets, and diverse power generation applications. With unrivalled PLC resources, expandability through modules, and control algorithm flexibility, it sets a new standard for the industry and ensures cutting-edge performance.

This control unit excels in complex installations like gas engines co-generating heat-power thanks to the large number of built-in functions, extensive PLC capabilities, and a record-breaking number of inputs/outputs. Its 3 voltage measurement points enhance delivery security for the most demanding power generation applications.

Adaptable to any power generation system, regardless of the prime power source, InteliSys 2000 functions as a standalone generator control system with complete grid code support.

Take control effortlessly with its PLC editor or seamless integration with third-party systems, elevating your power generation experience.

The InteliSys 2000 offers:

  • Gas engine and CHP functions that provide easily configurable support
  • Universal platform concept, which allows for the unit to be in various applications in addtion to gensets with gas/diesel engines
  • 3rd voltage sensing point, enhancing the application's flexibility and safety**
  • Hot-swap redundancyRedundancy in critical backup power systems is essential to ensure that the power is never compromised. Our controllers allow for installing a second controller to continuously monitor for potential failure. enabling a redundant unit to take over in case the primary controller fails, helping to minimise solution downtime*
  • New CAN FD inter-controller communication standard enabling cooperation with up to 64 additional gen-sets/mains/tie controllers
  • Keeping your business and data as safe as possible, meeting the ISA 62443 level 2 - level 3 security requirements
  • CAN bus redundancy ensuring that a redundant CAN line be created and take over in case of CAN failure*
  • Modbus Client which can initiate Modbus communication and control 3rd party devices*
  • Extensive built-in PLC
    ComAp has integrated Programable Logic Controller tightly with our standard line of controllers. This helps our customers to cut costs, minimise points of failure for advanced systems, and overcome any challenge that may occur.
    with the use of ComAp's free PLC Editor
  • User setpoints groups to help organise user defined setpoints to logical groups
  • Compatible load/VAr sharing and power management with other ComAp solutions
  • Dynamic spinning reserveDynamic Spinning Reserve allows the system to react flexibly to changes in power produced by renewable energy sources. ComAp controllers can react to requested spinning reserve and keep the sufficient amount of gen-sets running to cover the drop-in output of the renewable source (e.g. when cloud cover is heavier). helping to deliver maximum amount of available energy from photovoltaics
  • Multi ECU (Electronic Control Unit) enabling communication with more independent J1939 devices such as Engine Control Unit, AVR modules, Breaker, etc.
  • Built-in CAN bus logger and event-based history for easy and fast troubleshooting
  • User-defined protections and setpoints on top of default protection
  • AirGate 2.0ComAp’s controllers incorporate AirGate connection technology to make access to the internet as simple as possible.

    AirGate enables our controllers to connect to the internet using the existing network infrastructure, negotiating firewalls and VPN systems and removing the requirement for static and public IP addresses.
    for easy connection to your equipment remotely, without worrying about your asset’s IP address
  • More precise measuring with a True Root Mean Square measurement feature
  • Remote control and monitoring of your gen-set operations with WebSupervisor, our cloud-based fleet management tool
  • Secure user management
  • Droop regulation allowing load and Var sharing when the inter-controller’s communication is lost
  • Peak shaving for limiting the import from the mains (e.g. due to higher prices)
  • Load shedding ensuring the most important loads are running even when there is a lack of power
  • Start-up synchronisation to minimise the paralleling start sequence time and get the gen-set system up and running with minimum possible delay
  • Automatic Mains Failure that ensures automatic start of gen-sets and minimises downtime
  • A wide range of plug & play displays with automatically generated content that can be easily edited in our free Screen Editor  

* Features available with a software key.
** Feature available with an extension plug-in module. 

Software Keys

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