Extended Feature - Air-fuel regulation function

Order code: SKAFRXXXX01

This feature unlocks the Air-Fuel Ratio control algorithm for gas engines in ComAp's InteliSys 2000 controller for gas and CHP applications. The feature is required for gas engines without their own AFR control system. Active control of the AFR is necessary for proper emissions control and compensation of temperature or gas quality change. 

  • Flexible parametrisation
  • Independent control of two mixers
  • Switching between two gas types
  • Responsive to environmental temperature

    Extended Feature - Air-fuel regulation function

Air-Fuel Ratio control is key part of a gas engine's control system to compensate the environmental conditions, such as changing temperature, but also to reach strict NOx production limits.

The function is designed in a flexible way and can be based on various input values, including :

  • Manifold pressure
  • Level of produced NOx
  • Lambda sensor
  • Others 

The Air-Fuel Ration function contains two independent algorithms which can be used for controlling two parallel mixers or two gases.

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