InteliVision 8 Marine


InteliVision 8 Marine is an industrial operator panel equipped with 8” colour screen, certified for use in the marine industry to support the monitoring and control of single gen-sets’ operations. A simple and easy-to-use plug&play solution, it provides comprehensive overview of all engine data, monitoring information and trend history. The InteliVision 8 Marine is intended for the ComAp InteliGen NT, InteSys NT, and InteliDrive family of controllers. 

  • Marine certified
  • Trends monitoring  
  • Simple installation & configuration
  • Colour TFT display
  • Comprehensive data overview
  • Configurable soft keys buttons

InteliVision 8 Marine Datasheet

English (25 Jan 2023)

InteliVision 8 AutoCAD Drawings

English (25 Jan 2023)

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    InteliVision 8 Marine

InteliVision 8 Marine will help you easily monitor the work of your gen-sets in combination with our ComAp controllers for marine applications. It is easy to configure, operate and provides comprehensive overview of all the values you require, including an overview of trends history. The display is intended to be connected with a single controller.

The InteliVision 8 Marine offers: 

  • Plug & play operations with auto-configuration based on specific application
  • 8” colour TFT display for clear and comprehensive visualisation of your gen-sets operations
  • Complete access to all control and monitoring functions
  • Fast and intuitive navigation for quick access to all the information needed
  • Simple configuration according to your needs
  • Option to use it as a replacement or alternative to IG-display, IS-display or I-RD-CAN
  • Communication available via standard RS-232, RS-485 and CAN bus
  • Direct connection to the controller, without the need of additional converters
  • Option to mount an InteliSys NT BaseBox on the rear side of InteliVision
  • Front panel sealed to IP65
  • Broad operating temperature range from -20°C to +70°C
  • Compatible with the following ComAp controllers:
      • InteliGen GSC
      • InteliGen GSC-C
      • InteliSys GSC-C
      • InteliGen NT BaseBox
      • InteliGen NTC BaseBox
      • InteliSys NTC BaseBox
      • InteliMains NTC BaseBox
      • InteliSys NTC Hybrid
      • InteliDrive DCU
      • InteliDrive DCU Marine
      • InteliDrive Mobile
      • InteliDrive Mobile Logger
For a complete list of all compatible controllers, see the DataSheet/Global Guide.


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