Case Study

Ship Control Systems for Saxon Steamboat Company

18 Feb 2020

5 min read

Saxon Steamboat Company operates nine steamships and two passenger ships, covering the Elbe river between Diesbar Seuβlitz, Germany and Děčín, Czech Republic. They handle a total of 500,000 passengers per year, locals as well as tourists. Last year, the Saxon Steamboat Company decided to retrofit all their ships with ComAp controllers. The retrofit project was run by Viertel Motoren, a specialist in service and maintenance of drive components in industrial applications.

For the implementation of the Saxon Steamboat Company project, Viertel Motoren decided to use ComAp controllers, as they are user-friendly and intuitive.  

“In total, we replaced the auxiliary engines on nine steamships as well as propulsion and power generation on two motor vessels and equipped them with ComAp controls,“ describes Thomas Ranft from Viertel Motoren.

ComAp and Viertel Motoren had proved that they are able to deliver the commission in a very short time, thanks to their close cooperation. Thomas Ranft from Viertel Motoren names the main advantages of such a partnership: “We realised that ComAp offers excellent technical support, plenty of individual options for extensions, and a wide range of products.“

Products used in the Retrofitting Project:

  • ComAp’s InteliDrive DCU
  • InteliGen BaseBox
  • InteliMains in combination with InteliVision 5 displays
  • Two of the ships were equipped with an IPC-based SCADA system
  • As a new feature, each retrofit included shore synchronization for an uninterrupted transfer between wharf and onboard power

Based on the positive experience, Viertel Motoren has decided to intensify the partnership with ComAp. As Christian Viertel, Managing Director of Viertel Motoren, concludes, “In the future, this will not only apply ComAp's controllers to customer projects, but at our facilities too. We want to equip our gas engine testbed with ComAp products.“

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