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Inteli AIN8TC

8 Analog Channels Module
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ComAp’s Inteli AIN8TC  extension module allows customers up to 8 analog input channels for measuring temperature by thermocouples. The Inteli AIN8TC is useful in situations where extremely accurate temperature readings is required. Up to 10 (depending on the controller firmware) modules can be connected to a each controller, making accurate temperature readings both simple and reliable. It is compatible with J, K and L types of thermocouples and cold junction compensation is supported.

Up to 10 Inteli AIN8TC can be attached to the controller (in case of InteliSys NT, InteliGen NT, InteliMains NT)

The Inteli AIN8TC module is determinated for the InteliLite, InteliGen 200InteliSys NT, InteliGen NT, InteliMains NT and InteliDrive DCU controllers.


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