InteliBifuel LITE 500 Set

Order code: IB2SL5DCBDK

InteliBifuel Lite 500 is a cost effective, compact solution designed for the control of bi-fuel systems for engines with power output up to 500 kW. IBF Lite 500 is suitable for the rental market, pump or power generation applications using various types of gas. IBF Lite 500 together with IntelBifuel Denox secures safe operation of your bi-fuel system. 
  • Control of bi-fuel system for applications with power output up to 500kW
  • Control for high pressure and low pressure gas systems
  • Algorithm with automatic compensation for gas quality changes
  • Design suitable for harsh environments, IP-69
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Compatibility with InteliVision 5 and InteliVision 8 displays

Certifications: CE, ABS, UL, CSA.

    InteliBifuel LITE 500 Set

Smart control of bi-fuel solution at your variable speed application. The InteliBifuel Lite 500 controller enables short time to market thanks to predefined functions, but still provides you with the power to design your own functions at no extra cost. 

The InteliBifuel Lite 500 offers: 

  • Control and monitor of the engine running in dual fuel mode, with the possibility of a quick and easy switch to diesel anytime
  • Solution for single speed operation suitable for power generation, pumps or rental market with nominal power output up to 500 kW
  • Smart control of the system based on various factors such as gas quality, temperature and others, and ability to adapt to changes in those factors
  • Safe operation of the engine in bi-fuel mode thanks to ComAp InteliBifuel Denox controler, which ensures that the engine does not enter the knocking process
  • Possibility of controlling Single point injection for high pressure gas, where the gas is injected behind the turbocharger or Fumigation applicable at low pressure gas with injection in front of turbocharger
  • Capability of achieving significant diesel substitution thanks to our commissioning
  • Robust design, that meets the IP-69 certifications and ensures fits to any application
  • Large built-in PLCComAp has integrated Programable Logic Controller tightly with our standard line of controllers. This helps our customers to cut costs, minimise points of failure for advanced systems, and overcome any challenge that may occur. interpreter to suit your individual needs and design demanding applications
  • AirGateComAp’s controllers incorporate AirGate connection technology to make access to the internet as simple as possible.
    AirGate enables our controllers to connect to the internet using the existing network infrastructure, negotiating firewalls and VPN systems and removing the requirement for static and public IP addresses.
    for easy connection to your equipment remotely, without worrying about your asset’s IP address
  • Plug&Play support of the ComAp InteliVision 5 and 8 displays
  • Communication with the engine management system via CAN using J1939 or another communication protocol
  • Possibility of using freely available ComAp PC tools for configuration and monitoring
  • Built-in event & performance log, which provides easy troubleshooting and warranty claim handling
  • Dimensions: 257,6 x 242 x 78,5 mm (10,14 x 9,53 x 3,09 in)

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