Order code: I-LB+

Communication bridge for local monitoring and control of multiple controllers. This module enables easy and smooth commissioning and maintenance of a group of gen-set controllers by linking data from all controllers into the configuration/monitoring software tool.
  • Connection with up to 32 controllers    
  • Direct connection to software tools
  • Building Management System integration (Modbus)    
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English (25 Jan 2023)

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A communication bridge for sites with multiple controllers for local or remote monitoring and control, the I-LB+ offers: 

  • Direct (RS232, RS485), modem, Modbus or USB connection to multiple controllers
  • Communication speed up to 57600 bps (including Modbus mode)
  • Analogue / GSM / ISDN / CDMA modem support
  • Supported controllers:
      • InteliGen/InteliSys NT
      • InteliGen/InteliSys GSC
      • InteliSys Gas
      • InteliGen 200
      • InteliGen 500
      • InteliMains 210

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