ComAp’s InteliNeo controllers that redefine microgrids are now available to order

We are pleased to announce that the new InteliNeo product family, consisting of InteliNeo 6000 and InteliNeo 5500 controllers, is now available to order.

The InteliNeo product family represents a great leap forward in smart energy management control solutions. It redefines the implementation of hybrid microgrids by enabling the integration of any source of renewable power or storage, as well as more traditional power sources, within one site. 

Single control ecosystem

InteliNeo is a microgrid controller that directly manages renewable and storage sources and coordinates with mains and gen-set controllers to create one integrated power system.

Brand-agnostic power management

Up to 16 distributed energy resources can be directly connected via onboard Modbus master, which can be further extended via gateways to provide even more flexibility. Preconfigured interfaces for standard SunSpec-supported inverters make the integration easier than ever before.

Native microgrid applications for on and off-grid systems

Pre-programmed applications simplify microgrid implementation, providing customers with a solution with less custom design and programming.

Pre-defined hybrid-specific PLC blocks

With a new set of pre-defined PLC function blocks for hybrid microgrid applications, standardised configurations are easily repeatable, making deployment much easier and faster.

Remote Management & Energy Market Integration Tools

Thanks to WebSupervisor, our cloud-based management and monitoring service, our customers always know their site's status and can manage it remotely. With ComAp's Spot Price Dispatch tool, customers can optimise their electricity expenses and take advantage of dynamic real-time energy pricing.

For more information on both controllers, please visit the product pages:

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