Case Study

Gas Engine Control System Upgrade for a Hungarian CHP Power Plant

25 Mar 2024

5 min read

Plant Industrial Engineering, a Hungarian company specialised in the engineering and maintenance of power plants, partnered with ComAp to retrofit the Nyíregyháza plant’s original control system with ComAp’s latest automated control system to improve the plant’s reliability, efficiency, and profitability.

Plant Industrial Engineering provides engineering and technical solutions that are responsive to their client’s needs and delivered in an innovative, cost-effective, and professional manner. They accomplish this by utilising their common values: quality, speed and reliability. This results in higher availability and reliability and therefore higher profits for power plants. They are working with ComAp control systems in their solutions.

The Nyiregyhaza plant has been in operation since 2002 and was originally equipped with a Modicon PLC control system. As their current control system was not able to fulfil the upcoming requirements, the end customer requested a major retrofit of the control system requiring increased reliability, increased ramp-up/down rate, faster start-up, and reduced time to reach the maximum load from pressing the start button. The updated engine control system is based on project documentation processed by ComAp. During the entire commissioning process, a ComAp Application Engineer was present from the first crank to the final tuning.

Three Deutz TBG620V16 engines with a common output of 4.05MW are providing the heating for an enclosed residential area as well as providing grid stability services for the Hungarian grid.

The project was divided into two stages so the end customer could test and prove the solution. The first stage was the upgrade of one engine. Based on the great results of the first stage, the end customer decided to shorten the originally planned one-year testing period to three months and proceed with the second stage (retrofit of second and third engine) of the project earlier.

The Plant Industrial Engineering team installed a new plant automation control system where the control of complete auxiliary units was replaced with ComAp modules for smoother control and monitoring. The InteliVision 13-inch touch screen SCADA display is used for better visualization and interaction. The Deutz TEM system was completely removed from the engine and the mechanical and electrical parts such as the gas mixer, rails, spark plugs, ignition controller, etc., were replaced with new modern units.

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