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Telecom Tower Solutions - Effective Management of BTS Power Sources

ComAp telecom solutions have been designed in a way to comply with requirements of both mobile operators and tower companies, as well as OEMs and gen-set packagers. Whichever category you fall into, ComAp's telecom solutions will fulfill your needs.

Reduce Fuel Consumption Up to 70%, thanks to battery cycling and charging management
Remote Monitoring Enabling predictive maintenance which lowers service costs
Lowering CO2 emissions By minimizing gen-set running hours and adjusting engine RPMs to BTS's power demand

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Recommended by our customers

'Our customers who packages gensets for telecom applications around the world prefers ComAp controllers. The ease of setting up a wireless and even redundant wireless communications are important features. Also, the detailed and extensive history record, which also can be accessed locally and remotely are critical since many telecom gen-sets are installed in very remote locations.'

Dennis Chung Owner