Remote Monitoring and Control of 31 Gen-Sets at a Cement Factory

Power System for a Cement Plant

Arab National Cement Company is a newly built production plant belonging to the multinational company ASEC Cement Holding Co., located 220 kilometres south of Cairo in the Minya governorate. It is the only producer of grey cement in the region, creating 400 jobs directly and 800 jobs indirectly.

The huge requirement for the uninterrupted power supply is covered by 31 gen-sets, 18 units of 1,000 kVA, 8 units of 1,500 kVA, 4 units of 2,000 kVA and 1 unit of 2,000 kVA used as an emergency standby. All the gen-sets were provided by the Caterpillar distributor in Egypt, Mantrac.

The extent of the ComAp products supplied – delivered by the ComAp distributor in Egypt, Power for Contracting & Electromechanical Supplements – consists of 31 InteliCompact NT MINT units with accessories. The whole site is monitored remotely using a combination of IB-Lite and IL-NT GPRS.

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