InteliLite and WebSupervisor – the perfect combination for rentals

Online Monitoring of a Rental Fleet

El-Katamy is an equipment rental company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. As they are a generator rental company remote monitoring of their equipment is a vital feature for them, and the unique monitoring capabilities of ComAp’s InteliLite controllers provided them with significant advantages over other controllers.

Using ComAp’s WebSupervisor and AirGate, and the optional GPS card for the InteliLite controller, El-Katamy is able to monitor the location and status of every one of their gen-sets, using any internet connected device, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. They are also able to receive SMS and email alerts about changes in the generators, and because they have installed the GPS card, they are also able to use geo-fencing to ensure that the gen-sets are only used in authorised locations.

El-Katamy is also able to provide WebSupervisor access to their customers for the gen-sets that they have rented, which is a unique selling feature for them in their market. These benefits, coupled with the reporting features, and maintenance scheduling of WebSupervisor allows El-Katamy to gain significant OPEX savings, whilst also having the security of always knowing where their valuable gen-sets are.

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