DC Cycling for Off-Grid Power Systems

DC gen-sets are typically used to provide prime power to a BTS where grid power is unavailable.


As subscriber penetration is rising, mobile network coverage is spreading to ever more remote locations – typically with no grid supply – which is why telecom tower operators need to seek cost effective solutions for providing power to their BTS. Without the main power supply, off-grid power systems rely purely on direct current (DC), which is why popularity of DC gen-sets has been growing recently. Avoiding the unnecessary rectfication, batteries can be charged directly from the DC generator while powering the load simultaneously. In fact, the whole BTS application can be powered by one controller – ComAp’s InteliLite Telecom DC.

ComAp Solution

InteliLite Telecom DC efficiently controls the DC variable speed gen-set, renewable DC power source and battery bank for a reliable and cost-effective off-grid solution. The higher efficiency of using a DC hybrid cycling solution can deliver significantly higher OPEX savings when compared to an AC cycling solution. Remote monitoring capability leads to optimal service intervals, fault reporting, and further reductions of operating costs. 

DC Cycling for Off-Grid Power Systems
  1. InteliLite Telecom DC efficiently controls the DC variable gen-set, renewable DC power source and battery.
  2. AIO9/1 measures and controlls the analog inputs and outputs through CAN interface. The module enables tracking of voltage and current in 4 nodes in telecommunication applications with nomical voltage of 48V.
  3. IL-NT-GPRS (GPRS communication plug-in module) allows for excellent remote control and monitoring capabilities.
  4. BTS site can be controlled and monitored via any laptop or portable device using WebSupervisor. iOS/Android app available to download for free.

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