Cloud API Developer Portal

Are you a developer eager to unlock the potential of ComAp's API? To start your journey using our API, first sign up for an API key, which will grant you access to its capabilities. You need to have three-month trial account or a Pro account to use the API capabilities.

Key Benefits

Easy Discovery and Learning

Getting started with ComAp's API is a breeze. Sign up, get your API key, and you're ready to start to develop you applications.

Instant Accessibility

Once you have your API key, you can utilise the API right away. No waiting, no delays, quick and seamless integration.

Available for All

Our API is accessible to all, regardless of the type of your account. Start building your applications with ease and efficiency with ComAp’s API.


Security for Peace of Mind: Oauth2 cyber security protecting your data and project.

Easy Integration: Intuitive RESTful API interface helping to simplify the integration of ComAp data into your applications.

Fast Communication: All data is provided using an efficient JSON format, ensuring fast and smooth communication between your applications and Comap API.


Create Your Own Dashboard: Easy-to-use interface for quick creation and management of dashboards with essential information.

Build Your Applications: Create various customer applications following your project needs using historical data.

Analyse and Plan with Confidence: Possibility to conduct analyses and forecast trends to help you better plan future actions.


Reliability and Availability: Our API is monitored by Azure technology, ensuring reliability and availability for your applications.

Daily Quality Testing: We conduct daily tests to ensure the functionality and speed of the API, providing you with the best experience.

Grow with Us: Our API is scalable, allowing you to grow alongside us as your needs continue to extend.

API Example

API Example

Trust is our priority

"What does it mean to be the global leader in the heart of smart control? For me, it is the fact that independent of where you are, we are very close to our customers, we are easy to do business with and we care about our people. That is the heart. Smart is for our products, as they are intelligent and offer a solution for a huge range of applications in a way that only ComAp can do. And last but not least – control. It is essential in our industry and without it, you are lost. That´s what I love about ComAp. We offer more than just products, and we do it globally.“

Frederic Deman
Frederic Deman, CEO

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