Order code: SP TERM SETS

Complete sets of connectors for specific products. 

Spare parts are products used in addition to the main product, usually within after sales support. You can order spare parts even before purchasing the main product (e.g., for preparation of switchboard before the main product is mounted or when terminals have been lost).

Lists of available term sets for ComAp products: 

Order codeProduct name
OT1TS001XXXSet of terminals for IG, IS, IM: BB, GAS, GSC 
OT1TS002XXXSet of terminals for ECON-4
OT1TS003XXXSet of terminals for I-AIN8
OT1TS004XXXSet of terminals for I-AINT8TC
OT1TS005XXXSet of terminals for ID-DCU
OT1TS006XXXSet of terminals for ID-FLX
Set of terminals for ID-WP
OT1TS010XXXSet of terminals for ID-RPU
OT1TS011XXXSet of terminals for IG200/IG500
OT1TS012XXXSet of terminals for IG-AVRI
Set of terminals for IG-NT
OT1TS014XXXSet of terminals for I-IO8/8
OT1TS015XXXSet of terminals for IL-NT
OT1TS017XXXSet of terminals for InteliNano AMF and MRS
OT1TS018XXXSet of terminals for InteliNano Plus
OT1TS019XXXSet of terminals for InteliPro
OT1TS020XXXSet of terminals for InteliVision 5
OT1TS021XXXSet of terminals for IS-AIN8
OT1TS022XXXSet of terminals for IS-BIN module
OT1TS023XXXSet of terminals for IL3 AMF9
OT1TS024XXXSet of terminals for MainsPro, MainsPro Lite
OT1TS027XXXSet of terminals for IL3 AMF25
OT1TS028XXXSet of terminals for EM2BIO8EXBX plug-in module
OT1TS031XXXSet of terminals for IL3 MRS16
OT1TS032XXXSet of terminals for InteliDrive Plastic Panel
OT1TS033XXXSet of terminals for IG-NT GC
Set of terminals for IS-NT-BB
Set of terminals for IG1000, IM1010, IS2000, InteliNeo 6000
OT1TS037XXXSet of terminals for IL4AMF9XBAA
OT1TS038XXXSet of terminals for IL4AMF25BAA,IL4MRS16BAA
OT1TS039XXXSet of terminals for InteliVision 5.2
Set of terminals for IGS-PTM
Set of terminals for IL4AMF20BAA
 Set of terminals for IG4200/IG500 G2

If you can't find the requested part in the list, please contact your sales representative for more options.

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