Case Study

Hydro Power Plant in Albania

26 Dec 2017

5 min read

Hidroenergija LTD based in Slovenia, is specialised company for planning, procurement and construction of hydroelectric power plants with a focus on Eastern and Southeast Europe. Recently they installed a hydroelectric plant in Central Albania using ComAp’s InteliSys NTC BaseBox and InteliVision 8 display.

They designed, installed, and commissioned two plants using pelton dual jet water turbines. One installation has two turbines of 1.8MW, connected with a 2600 kVA generator, and the second installation has one turbine of 2.5MW connected with a 2600kVA generator. All three generators are synchronous. The installation required almost 8km of pipeline, (moving over 800m in altitude) to move the water to power the turbines.

ComAp’s system regulates the amount of water flowing through the turbines, and therefore the amount of electricity they produce. The system is capable of producing is 146MWh of power a day, (depending on the water flow).

The ComAp InteliSys NTC BaseBox offers the simplest solution, All in one, no need for using any external devices such as synchronizer, PLC, regulator or protection relay. Easy to make PC SCADA, ready to use mobile and internet SCADA, and remote access make ComAp’s system the best choice for us.

Boštjan Kokolj, Commissioning Engineer and Project Manager, Hidroenergija LTD

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