Fast and reliable backup power for hospitals in critical situations

Ensuring the electrical power in hospitals is essential. Every second of power loss may have severe consequences. ComAp’s smart and reliable controllers are designed in a way that allows your backup power system to recover power in a very short amount of time, regardless of the application size, complexity and requirements.

Key benefits of ComAp's solution

Constant Source of Power
Ensuring any grid failure has minimal effect on hospital operations

Fast Availability
Backup power system is at full capacity in 8-10 seconds from start command

Strong Cybersecurity Protection
Protection against cyber attacks, using a unique cyphering system for each connection session

Seamless Synchronisation
Smooth transition from the backup power system to the mains power once it is back online

Reliable, Flexible and Easy to Use
Simple to use solutions and tools that give you an overview of your entire site

Remote Control and Monitoring
Remote control and monitoring services that will simplify the management of your operatons

Power Management System
Helps to decrease the gen-set's fuel use, increase operational efficiency, and reduce costs

Increased System Reliability
Reliability and low failure probability, thanks to Hotswap redundancy, which ensures that if one of your gen-sets fails another one takes over

Allowing easy onsite monitoring

Application example

When designing backup systems, quick and safe response is crucial to ensure uninterrupted mission critical operations for hospitals.

ComAp's solutions allow for fast start-up of the back-up system and smooth transition from the mains grid. Hospital power generation systems like the one below would be up at full capacity in 8-10 seconds from the start command, even with 10, 20, or even 60 generators. A variety of features such as quick start up synchronisation and hotswap redundancy make sure that the power comes back quickly and stays that way. Even if one of the gen-sets fails, another one will start immediately to ensure reliable operations. 

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