Greater energy resilience with hybrid power generation

Renewable energy and battery energy storage systems are quickly transforming traditional power systems from fossil-fuelled generation to a hybrid mix of resources. Our smart control solutions effectively integrate generators, renewables and energy storage to ensure the reliability of traditional power generation systems and, at the same time reduce energy costs, extend fuel supplies, reduce your environmental impact and provide greater energy resilience.

Key features

Balanced Power Management
Advanced power management algorithm includes battery energy storage systems alongside gen-sets to ensure sufficient load reserve in the system without unnecessary curtailment of solar generation.

Load Sharing
ComAp load sharing of active and reactive power works seamlessly with any renewable energy source including all frequency and voltage regulations.

Extensive Control Options
Powerful built-in PLC interpreter with new functional blocks designed for meeting complex microgrid requirements quickly and easily.

Export Control with Grid Code Support
Grid code support in the controller provides additional protection for grid embedded microgrids where import/export control allows the site to operate without compromising grid stability.

Seamless Integration
Onboard Modbus client allows for brand agnostic approach for seamless integration of customer preferred solar inverters, BESS and weather sensors via TCP/IP or RS485 connection.

Optimised Energy Utilisation
The controller enables full integration and optimisation of solar generation and battery energy storage to suit different applications whether it's grid-connected or island-mode.

Advanced BESS Control

Our microgrid master controllers provide synchronising breaker control and protection in addition to supporting automatic transitions between BESS operating modes to allow operation in grid-supporting or grid-forming mode.

How it works

For on-grid applications, grid stability is paramount and our master controllers with grid code support provides an additonal protection for embedded power generation and storage systems. With additional import and export control over solar and BESS, our controllers ensure that we can meet utility requirements with accuracy and simplicity. 

Renewable device generates power when natural resources are in abundance. Power output is only curtailed to prevent battery overcharge, mains export and minimum loading on gen-sets.
Renewable device generates power when natural resources are in abundance. Power output is only curtailed to prevent battery overcharge, mains export and minimum loading on gen-sets.
Generator only dispatched as a support system when renewable resources in storage do not have capacity to support load. Demand dispatch service is also supported.
Battery utilised to firm microgrid, energy shift, support large load swings, and absorb excess renewable power generation. Demand response and balancing services are also supported.
Power flow at point of common coupling managed in accordance with connection agreement, mains protection functions - including loss of supply - supported.

In off-grid applications, advanced BESS control allows our controller to perform peak shaving with PV generation to ensure efficient operation of gensets. If the BESS can operate in grid-forming mode, the controller supports 'diesel-off' mode by providing the appropriate precharge conditions for seamless transitions. 

Advanced microgrid system topologies requires perfect synchornisation and coordination between primary power and distributed energy resources. Our controllers operate as the master device to coordinate mains and gen-set controllers, along with balancing BESS and solar to ensure system stability and efficient operation. 

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