Ship Control System

Ship Control System for Les Bateaux Mouches

Built by shipyards Hauts-de-Seine, the Jean Bruel riverboat is a symbol of new boat design and technology. At 60 meters long, the floating restaurant and function center weighs 400 tons and can accommodate 400 people on board.

The Jean Bruel has three controllers InteliGen NT Marine generators that control and manage the boats power and load balancing. An InteliMains NT manages the connection to the mains when the boat is at the dock. The electrical power supplies the boats electrical propulsion, power for the restaurant, and for the air conditioning. IGS-PTM and IS-BIN modules allow deferral alarm, control, monitoring of waterways and the closing of watertight doors. The information provided by each controller can be viewed on the bridge using the large InteliVision 8 screens.

The project was installed by the ABP company based in the Paris region, who have been successfully using ComAp products for over 10 years in multiple applications. The project was commissioned by ComAp's French distributor H.T.F.

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