Power System for Petroamazonas Oil Field

Petroamazonas EP, the Ecuadorian state owned petroleum company, is currently operating a number of major oil wells deep within the Amazon forest and relies on Caterpillar gen-sets for the only means of power in these remote locations. In most situations, each oil well needs a load demand of 300kW, with only one gen-set works at a time, performing a closed transition between gen-sets every seven days.

The company specifies Caterpillar powered gen-sets for most of their oil fields, and they select ComAp controllers such as InteliCompact NT MINT because synchronism between gen-sets has proven to be very reliable and simple – a key purchasing criteria in product selection. 

Another major advantage of using ComAp InteliCompact NT is the user friendly history log that collects key operating values and makes them accessible via LiteEdit software. Petroamazonas EP routinely use this function to download history activity from each of their operational gen-sets.

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