Providing Reliable Backup Power for a High-End Shopping Mall

Power Control for a Shopping and Hotel Complex

Opened in March 1990 in the very centre of Jakarta right next to famous Selamat Datang Monument, the Plaza Indonesia is one of the most famous and prestigious malls in Indonesia - the place where all luxury brand boutiques concentrate. Additionally to the complex with 42,325 m2 of gross floor area in 6 levels, there are also two luxurious hotels (Grand Hyatt and Keraton) which are part of the complex. 

The power system upgrade with ComAp control system was installed by FS Power Control, our local distributor in Indonesia. There are eight 1500 kVA and 1200 kVA Cummins diesel generators providing a stand-by system for the entire Plaza Indonesia complex: four gen-sets for the Mall, two gen-sets for Grand Hyatt hotel and two gen-sets for Keraton hotel.

For standard daily operation, 100% of the power is supplied by the mains (PLN). To be able to avoid high tariffs during the peak time (6pm to 10pm), nine gas gen-sets are used in parallel with mains (PLN) to minimize supply from PLN. In case of mains failure, the system will start diesel gen-sets at first to let them cover the essential load. Then the ComAp power management system will automatically bring additional gas gen-sets on board to allow the connection of the non-essential load. The ComAp power management system constantly monitors the spinning reserve of the running gen-set, once there is enough power available, the non-essential load is connected.

Through load management, the ComAp system connects the load to the busbar in a way to ensure the safe operation and preventing diesel engines from being overloaded.

The whole system is monitored and controlled by SCADA. The Grand Hyatt Hotel and Keraton hotels (which are on separate circuits) operate without paralleling with the gas gen-sets in case of mains (PLN) failure.

For this application ComAp delivered InteliGen NTC BaseBox controllers for all diesel gen-sets, InteliMains NTC BaseBox for circuit breakers and bus couplers. As part of the installation, Inteli IO8/8 extension modules were used to meet needs of more binary inputs as well as ComAp´s mains protection relay InteliPro Sync.

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