Control System for a Jack-up Ship in China

Marine Control for a Jack-Up Ship

ComAp Singapore and Gennal Singapore installed and commissioned ComAp marine system on a jack-up vessel, a supporting ship for any jack-up rigs. The vessel´s installation features self-propelled diesel electric propulsion system with dynamic positioning.

The entire power system of the vessel consists of eight Caterpillar 1128kVA gen-sets as a primary power source for the ship. The biggest loads of the vessel are four Azimuth thrusters, two cranes and jacking system, along with the usual ship’s systems.

As the ship operates under difference modes, ComAp’s control system takes care of the complex power management. ComAp controllers control and protect the gen-sets as well as bus operation. As the ship operates mainly on heavy load requests, ComAp system calculates load reserve and send a permissive signal to the operator to run the load.

Some modes require a separation of the bus, as all of the gen-sets has to run. The bus tie breakers are controlled separately with ComAp controllers with bus tie applications. The entire application does not have a master controller, so in case any of the ComAp controller fails, another controller takes care over control. The system is also fitted with CAN bus redundancy, where the inter-controller communication plays a major role in entire power management. Once any of the can wire breaks, another CAN line takes care without any interruption.

The ComAp system provides all the information through Modbus protocols to a local alarm management system and SCADA system. SCADA also commands ComAp system to provides operation modes as well as manual start and stop of the gen-sets. Controllers are fitted with remote display - InteliVision 8 Marine.

The entire site as well as control system is certified under ABS.

The system uses Marine certified versions of the following ComAp products:
  • InteliSys NTC BaseBox
  • InteliMains NTC BaseBox
  • Intelivision 8 Marine
  • Internet Bridge NT
  • Inteli-IO8/8
  • I-LB+
  • I-CR-R

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