Engine and Equipment Control for Rock Crushing Machinery

Lemminkäinen Rock Crushing Machinery

Lemminkäinen is one of the biggest construction companies in Europe. Specialising in infrastructure construction in the Nordic countries, they have extensive experience in roads, railways, earthworks, hydraulics, underground construction and excavation. They are based in Finland but also operate extensively in Russia, Sweden and Norway. Lemminkäinen operates a rock-crushing plant outside the city of Nokia in southern Finland. This rock-crushing plant provides rock products for use in their projects including building foundations, road bases and train track ballast. The rock-crushing machines, specially manufactured for Lemminkäinen by the Mesto Corporation, have all been fitted with ComAp InteliDrive controllers.

InteliDrive controllers are used to control the engines on the crushing machines, as well as on their auxiliary generators. The InteliDrive range of controllers was particularly suitable for this particular application because of their robust design and dust-proof casing – especially important in a rock-crushing application.

“We have started to use ComAp products because they are userfriendly and easy to modify for our purposes. Most importantly, they last well in these very harsh environments.”

Antti Huhta, Lemminkäinen Group

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