The show goes on with ComAp

ComAp powers Hollywood

Two companies based in Los Angeles, California are using ComAp products to ensure that the show goes on, even if the power doesn’t! Saunders Electric, along with Wenzlau Generators provide both parallel to mains and on-site power to outside events across the United States. Saunders Electric have even won entertainment industry awards for their onsite power generation and backup system, which utilizes ComAp’s InteliGen NTC BaseBoxes and InteliVision 5 colour displays.

Sporting events, film and TV productions, world renown award ceremonies and more are all guaranteed a reliable and safe power supply due to the use of ComAp’s products, along with online monitoring via WebSupervisor. The live broadcast events, (like award ceremonies and sports events) are especially dependent on an reliable power supply because of the millions of dollars that are at stake if the power fails, and therefore the television broadcast stops.

As Russell Saunders CEO from Saunders Electric said:  "These big events they dont want to have any conversation with you about fuel issues, delivery, labour, acts of god weather or whatever. They want to wake up and plug it in." ComAp provides the peace-of-mind that the power will stay on, regardless of what is going on behind the scenes.

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