Cogeneration Fleet Operator in New England, USA

Cogeneration Fleet Operator in New England

Aegis Energy Services is an innovative Combined Heat and Power (CHP) company based in Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA. Founded in 1985, Aegis Energy Services’ modular systems are currently utilized across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic providing sustainable, clean power options for a wide array of customers at a variety of facilities, from healthcare and assisted living facilities, to recreational and multi-unit residential complexes, and hotels. There are also institutional, educational, and industrial facility applications. Aegis use a range of ComAp products, including InteliSys in their installations, but the product they use most frequently is WebSupervisor.

ComAp’s WebSupervisor allows Aegis to see real-time data about all of their installations throughout the north eastern seaboard. They can see power output levels, technical information, and even alerts and alarms, should something go wrong. This allows them to react to the information quickly and in the case of an fault, decide whether to send out a technician, or fix the issue remotely. This saves money for end user, as they don’t end up paying call-out fees, but also for Aegis, as they can have only a few technicians monitoring hundreds of installations at the same time.

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“Even visitors from ComAp are surprised how long we have been using this product. We have been over 20 years with ComAp products out of the field and they are still running right now. Engines have been changed, generators have been changed but the controller is still out there doing its job.”

Ed Clarke Business Development Engineer

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