CHP at Leszek Mirkowicz Industrial Park

CHP at Leszek Mirkowicz Industrial Park

Leszek Mirkowicz Industrial Zone, is a mixed use industrial park located outside the town of Blonie, 27km west of Warsaw in Poland. The industrial park uses ComAp products extensively, mainly for mains protection and CHP.

In 2008 Czech company Tedom, installed three CHP units with ComAp controllers, to generate 3MW and 4,2MW of electric power, and to provide heating for the buildings. CHP systems operate in parallel with mains according to heating demand and excess electric power is exported to the mains through two transformers. In 2012 two mains controllers were installed by ComAp take over high voltage mains breakers to ensure reverse synchronization after mains failure and recovery.

Synchronization on the high voltage side was an important consideration in the selection procedure and InteliMains controllers were best suited to this particular application. The high voltage switch room is linked with the CHP gen-sets by optical fiber cable due to long distance between the gen-sets and the control room, where the system is monitored against unexpected power failures, and to ensure optimum electrical and heat output.

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