Prime Power System

Manual and remote start (MRS) system for a single gen-set, commonly operating in locations with no available power from the grid. 


Manual and remote start (MRS) systems are typically used to provide prime power where the grid is unavailable. Common locations a prime power system could be found include construction sites, off-grid events, and off-grid telecom towers, among many other situations.

ComAp Solution

ComAp’s InteliLite NT MRS controller effectively starts, controls and monitors the gen-set whilst also offering full gen-set protection with its integrated over/under voltage and frequency protection systems. The controller communicates with the engine management unit via a CAN J1939 bus and shows engine values and alarms on the graphical LCD screen. If the generator is not currently being used, the controller automatically enters sleep mode, allowing for extended battery life of the unit. 

Prime Power System
  1. InteliNano NT MRS starts, controls and monitors the generating set.
  2. Integrated over/under voltage and frequency protection system of the controller ensures the gen-set protected at all times.
  3. CAN J1939 Bus allows for smooth communication between the controller and engine management unit. 
  4. Current Measurement is the key feature of the InteliNano NT Plus, allowing the user to maximise engine power.

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