Irrigation Pump System

ComAp Irrigation pump controller is the best solution for irrigation, dewatering or booster pump applications. Sophisticated timers, comparators and PID regulators handle your irrigation system easily.


An irrigation pump is normally operated in automatic mode, it automatically switches according to the time schedule. In specific cases it is also possible to turn on the pump manually. 

ComAp Solution

InteliDrive IPC controller allows both manual and automatic operation of the irrigation pump system. It is possible to use manual operation, starting from a remote location and automatic mode according to set day/week time schedule.

Irrigation Pump System
  1. InteliDrive IPC makes complete controls, monitoring and protection of the engine.
  2. Water flow from a pump can be measured by flow-meter. InteliDrive IPC controls variable speed engine, which enables to change water flow according momentary need. 
  3. InteliDrive Lite protects engine against overload via engine load limitation function based on Load information from ECU.
  4. The system status and required flow is monitored and adjustable via GPRS communication module from a central supervision point via integrated and enhanced PLC logics, as well as the engine-speed load is controlled via PID-loops.
  5. Advanced bi-directional CAN-Bus communication helps simplify the wiring to the engine.

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