ComAp's hybrid microgrid solution

Remote applications which use a combination of gen-sets and renewable sources of energy.


Remote areas typically rely heavily on diesel gen-sets, and often the gen-sets are combined with renewable energy sources such as wind turbines or solar panels. This is called a hybrid system.

ComAp Solution

In hybrid systems two goals are always crucial - save fuel and ensure system reliability. Thanks to its advanced functions designed specifically for hybrid systems ComAp controllers can maximize the amount of energy from renewables while not endangering the systems stability. 

ComAp's hybrid microgrid solution
  1. InteliSys NTC Hybrid provides the overall site by interfacing with gen-set controllers and PV invertors.   
  2. InteliGen NTC BaseBox provides full gen-set control including load sharing and power management with respect to the renewable energy output.                          
  3. In on-grid applications InteliMains NTC Basebox must be used to synchronize the group of gensets with the grid and ensures export and/or limitation if required.

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