Auxiliary and Generator Solution

Single or multiple gen-sets for running both propulsion engines and auxiliary power. 

Redundancy Redundancy of CAN bus line with optional I-CR-R module
Efficiency Isochronous generator control helps stabilize the power factor for lower fuel consumption and more efficient energy production
Power management system Fully integrated power management solution for load demand swapping and running hours equalization


One or a group of the gen-sets for running both propulsion engines as well as auxiliary power on a vessel. 

ComAp Solution

ComAp's Power Management System minimizes the number of running generators a customer needs to use. It provides sufficient power for running both propulsion engines and auxiliary power generation engines, including remote monitoring, protection and data logging with the capability to control other external devices.  Built-in PLC functions remove the need for an external PLC controller.

Auxiliary and Generator Solution
  1. ID-DCU Marine provides reliable control of propulsion system.
  2. InteliGen NT allows a complete Power control of generator.
  3. InteliVision 5 or InteliVision 8 are coloured displays are dedicated for local or remote system overview and control. 

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