Screen Editing

Description Custom screen editor is game changer when it comes to enhancing the user experience. Screen editing is tightly coupled with our high-end products in both power generation and drive control platforms. It allows you to personalize the interface on our exclusive InteliVision product lines by managing screen types, selecting custom instruments and creating backgrounds from a tool box of graphical elements.


The editor is directly integrated into the configuration software and expands on the flexibility that you gain from our integrated PLC and flexible I/O assignments. This approach allows you to take what we offer as default screens and imprint your own brand and story to your end users. The graphical based tool is intuitive, user-friendly and helps avoid errors caused by manually editing lines of text in XML files.


Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) is a system for remote monitoring and control that operates coded signals over communication channels. Our SCADA tools come free with the purchase of the hardware and allows you to visualize your customer’s information in a way that makes sense and is understandable.


Benefit: Screen editor is one of those tools that allows you to put the ComAp brand in the background and ensure your brand is in the foreground. With this functionality we can visualize information such as state of the grid, waterlines, backup diesel situation, fuel level and many others.

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