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MainsCompact NT

Mains Controller for InteliCompact NT MINT Gen-set Controllers
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  • Mains controller for multiple systems equipped with InteliCompact NT MINT and InteliGen 200* gen-set controllers
  • Mains monitoring and protection
  • Mains circuit breaker control
  • Optional Master Generator circuit breaker control
  • AMF function (automatic start of the genset group after mains is failed)
  • True voltage and current RMS measurement
  • 3 phase mains voltage and current measurement
  • 3 phase busbar voltage measurement
  • 3 phase mains import measurement
  • RS232, RS485, USB, Modbus, GSM/Analog Modem, Internet communication**
  • GPRS communication
  • AirGate and WebSupervisor support
  • Event and performance log
  • 2 languages (user changeable)
FW version MC-NT 2.0.0 and newer is needed for the compatibility of Load Sharing and Power Management with InteliGen 200 

** Relevant plug-in module is required

Headquarters - United States
Headquarters - United States +1 815 636 2541 Contact details
User-friendly Simple paralleling, easy wiring, installation and configuration
Monitoring Easy remote monitoring and management with online tools.
Lower costs Remote monitoring capabilities contribute to a reduction of call-out costs for service engineers

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Headquarters - United States

Headquarters - United States
+1 815 636 2541
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