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Hardware Key for Load Sharing and Power Management
Order code: IGS-NT-LSM+PMS
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Enables multiple controller cooperation (via CAN bus) for:

  • Digital Load Sharing
  • Digital VAr Sharing
  • Optimizing number of running engines: Power management; kW, kVA or % load based

Valid for these SW:

  • IGS-GSC - standard - all versions
  • IGS-NT - standard - all versions
  • IGS-NT-GeCon-Marine - version 3.0 and higher
  • IGS-NT-GeCon-Land-based - version 3.0 and higher
  • IG-NT-400Hz - all versions
  • IGS-NT-Async - all versions
  • IGS-NT-SUS 1.3 and higher


DISTBIN and DISTBOUT function is conditioned by IGS-NT-LSM+PMS dongle.

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