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Speed Control Module
Order code: ID-SCM
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  • Interface module for InteliDrive DCU Industrial, InteliDrive CCU and InteliDrive DCU Marine controllers for full support of internal PLC (programmable logic) in wide range of applications
  • Module is mounted directly on the controller body
  • Inputs and outputs:
    • RPM1, RPM2: inputs for frequency measuring - up to 8 kHz
    • IMP1, IMP2: inputs for integral (consumption) measuring up to 60 Hz
    • AOUT1, AOUT2: analog outputs 0 - 10VDC or 0 - 20 mA
    • Speed Governor Output: ±10VDC or ±10VDC via 10kΩ or PWM (1,6kHz ) 
  • UL certified

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