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The new PC monitoring tool for the new and current controllers
Order code: SW1SCADA001
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InteliSCADA is a Windows based software with modern look and feel that has been developed with current web technologies.

For software download, please go here.

The tool provides the following features:

  • Basic SCADA in a few minutes (auto-generated SCADA)
  • Broad range of instruments with easy and fast configuration
  • Fully customizable SCADA diagram
  • Browsing of all measured and computed values
  • More than 200 images available
  • Browsing of controllers' history records
  • Multimedia support (IP cam, video, animated images, map, …)
  • Industrial security level - sites are protected against stealing of controllers' credentials
  • Support of new controllers as well as  old important ones
  • Simple and less time-consuming SCADA creation
  • Modern look and feel
  • Reliability

InteliSCADA licences:

  • InteliSCADA Lite
    • Suitable for basic montitoring.
    • Auto-generated site up to 32 devices
    • Limited  possibility for customization
  • InteliSCADA Pro
    • Dedicated for mid-sized SCADAs
    • Broader possibility for creating your own SCADA
    • Order Code - SW1SCADA002
  • InteliSCADA Pro+
    • Ideal for complex projects
    • The highest possible version dedicated for complex projects
    • Order Code - SW1SCADA003

 Supported controllers:

  • InteliGen 500
  • InteliGen 200
  • InteliGen NT
  • InteliGen NTC
  • InteliSys NT
  • InteliGen GSC
  • InteliGen GSC-C
  • InteliMains NT
  • and more


  • MS Win 10  or MS Win 10 IoT


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