InteliGen 500: ComAp’s Advanced Paralleling Gen-set Controller with 5” Colour Display

To increase comfort when using our controllers, ComAp developed the InteliGen 500, a new paralleling genset controller equipped with a large 5” colour screen and 800x480 resolution.

A New Display and Graphic Interface to Increase User Comfort

For over 25 years, ComAp has been leading the way in providing intelligent electronic control products and solutions for power generation and diesel/gas engines that are highly flexible, intuitive and scalable.  "InteliGen500, with its colour display and new graphic interface, is our response to the most frequent requirements of our customers,” says Jan Donát, ComAp’s Product Line Manager. “We continuously work on improving our controllers to offer our clients scalable, user-friendly solutions with the best state-of-the-art technology."


In compliance with our philosophy, ComAp focuses on developing solutions that do not require their customers to pay for additional features they do not need. Extra functions can be added by using plug-in modules (such as GPRS, RS232-485, BIO8) and CAN modules (to expand the scope of measurement and received signals). The plug-in architecture not only reduces the space needed in the panel, but also allows for easy controller expansions in the future.    

Integrated Communication and Control Ports

The variety of communication capabilities enables customers to connect the control unit several possible ways, which in turn offers them much higher flexibility regarding the type or location of the application.“While a USB device represents a simple interconnection between a CU and PC for configuration and monitoring, a USB master can be used for downloading a CU archive and/or uploading a configuration or a new FW without the need of a PC on site,” highlights Jan Donát. In addition to the above, an Ethernet and RS485 module are also being used (the former for expanding the interconnection between the controller and the local network and the later for connecting the generators to BMS applications).

Application Switching

Since it enables switching between two applications, InteliGen 500 is a perfect solution for rentals, packaging, OEMs, telecoms and other companies. “Thanks to this, our customers do not need to change the control units on the gensets and we are able to optimize our stock levels,“ adds Jan Donát. For more information about the InteliGen 500, see the product page.

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