InteliATS2 – The new generation of Automatic Transfer Switch Controllers

ComAp's Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) controller portfolio is broadening, with the announcement of InteliATS2– the second generation of ATS controllers built on the ComAp´s latest technology platform.

The new InteliATS2 monitor and control mains supply and its voltage, frequency, and current, with the possibility to link up to a single gen-set. They support any applications with two independent power sources – Mains to Mains or Mains to Generator.

The InteliATS2 controllers are available in two models: the standard InteliATS2 50 and the advanced InteliATS2 70 with additional features.

Focused on Cyber Security and Remote Communication

InteliATS2 controllers were developed to move ATS controllers into the digital age with all its challenges. That´s why cyber security was on the top of the developers’ priority list. InteliATS2 controllers utilise the same technology platform used in the latest InteliLite4 controllers to enable industry-leading cyber security features.

The second main focus was put on remote communication. InteliATS2 can be connected via 4G or Ethernet that enable the use of AirGate 2.0, WebSupervisor, and InteliSCADA. Configuration can be completed via InteliConfig. For more demanding applications with the need for extended logic, the advanced InteliATS2 70 offers an in-built PLC.

With InteliATS2 controllers, the electricity supply will remain stable, as the controller will automatically switch to another power source should the primary source become unstable or fail.

InteliATS2 controllers can control power supply in administration buildings, schools, factories, or hospitality facilities to prevent power failures and possible financial or material losses.

Both InteliATS2 controllers will be available soon. For further update on their availability, please contact your sales representative.

For more information, please visit:

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