Guide to InteliLite4 Cyber Security Features

Adéla Procházková,

26 Jan 2022

5 min read

InteliLite4, our latest single gen-set controller, has brought significant cyber security improvements that make it one of the most advanced and secure controllers in its class. 

Some of the new InteliLite4 cyber security features include:  

  • the Zone model principle in which the controller´s communication interfaces are divided into trusted and non-trusted  
  • User Authentication Control – every user has to authenticate when accessing the controller
  • Access Levels – every user can have different permission from reading up to administrator rights
  • Remote Communication via AirGate 2.0 - new generation of AirGate technology which is developed with focus on increasing reliability, cyber security and increased user experience
  • Firewall - Firewall function allows to restrict computers which can connect to the communication services in the controller based on computer IP address  

To learn more about the InteliLite 4 controllers please check the following product pages:

Download the guide to the new InteliLite4 cyber security features.

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