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ComAp Ocean Race

The stakes are high, the competition is fierce, and the weather is challenging. Welcome to the ComAp Ocean Race!
Well, I know, the Adriatic Sea is not really an ocean, and our Salona 38s semi-racing boats cannot compete with Farr design of Volvo Ocean 65s, and we are not professional sailors. But I believe that the passion, excitement and motivation of all our participants is similar to our Volvo Ocean Race counterparts.

A bit of history

For the first time we hoisted the sails and raced 8 years ago. At that time 4 boats with 24 people from ComAp and friends compared their skills at 5 races. Since then every year we’ve raced and it’s reputation is growing - to todays 70 people, 9 boats + one accompanying boat. I am proud to see that ComAp employees, partners and friends are coming at their own costs, from their own private time and holidays to have week of fun with the other people within ComAp’s large community. Great atmosphere, friends, spirit, and the beautiful coastline and islands of the Adriatic Sea, attracts an increasing number of people each year. Thanks to the volunteer organizers for making this event where it is today!

Vision matters

The Board of ComAp Ocean Race has been shaping its character for eight years. Is it just a leisure event, or are we heading towards professional race? Will be paid professional sailors allowed? Do we want to make the event huge and invite a lot of boats regardless of whether they work at ComAp? Do want to use it as a marketing activity, invite customers get major contribution from the company? All these and more questions we have asked ourselves, some implemented, some thrown away.

So far our vision developed to the following:

ComAp Ocean Race is the annual teambuilding event for ComAp employees, partners, families and friends.

We have been constantly seeking the balance between challenge and safety, fun and strive, open and close. We may revisit the vision again, verify the validity and possibly tune it going forward.

Learning and enjoying it

I remember the first race 8 years ago – a difficult to cope with fresh breeze, tough to prepare for the start, heated discussions on board. This year we used spinnakers for the first time, enjoyed gale winds, managing well the organization on the boat, following ISAF rules. What a difference! Some of the team learn during the year to improve. Others hired a professional teacher. Step after step we are learning and enjoying it at the same time.

Looking at the race I can see some elements of ComAp, its values and its behavior. ComAp, despite not subsidising the race shapes its character and I am proud of it.

Do you want to join us next year? Find more info here

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