Case Study

Backup Power Control for an Oil field

4 Apr 2022

5 min read

Caracara Sur is a field site owned by Cepsa Campos, a transnational company dedicated to the exploration and production of oil and gas. The field is located near Puerto Gaitan, 10 hours from Bogota, in the Llanos region of Columbia. Here they have an oil drilling cluster and a power backup system of 16 generators between 300kW and 600kW for a total of 6MW, all operating with ComAp InteliGen NT controllers with an InteliMains NT to operate the mains circuit board switch in medium voltage, (34kV).

Recently they added another six 650kW gen-sets to their system which were previously operating in isolation within the facility. Six InteliGen NT BaseBox controllers along with InteliVision 5 displays and one InteliMains NT BaseBox were used to control the gen-sets and a link switch on medium voltage. 

The backup system is now 9.9MW with a total of 22 gen-sets operating in parallel. They can power not only the camp and the equipment within the cluster, but also the oil production wells, and even work in parallel with the grid to support it in cases of emergency.

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