Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

We recommend to start with the Troubleshooting guide (PDF).
  • Can I unlock my controller?
  • Can I use InteliGen NT for a single gen-set in island operation?
  • How do I connect to my ComAp controller? What types of connections are supported?
  • What do SPtM, MINT, MGCB stand for?
  • Do you support communication to [IVECO, Cummins, MAN, VOLVO, etc] ECUs?
  • Firmware and archive/configuration upgrade in ComAp controllers
  • How do I synchronize a gen-set to the mains? What AVRs do you support? What Speed Governors do you support?
  • I cannot program my controller, it looks dead. How do I restore a controller with broken firmware?
  • I cannot connect to my controller using the Internet or AirGate connection, why?
  • Is there a remote display option for the new InteliLite?
  • How do I change the controller firmware? Where can I get the latest firmware?
  • What does Default Credentials alarm mean?
  • What is AirGate?
  • What is the difference between InteliGen NT and InteliGen NTC?
  • Where can I get the list of Modbus registers, SNMP MIB table?
  • Why does my extension module not work? Why can’t I communicate with an ECU on a CAN bus?
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