Dynamic Spinning Reserve

An exclusive feature to our Hybrid platform is a function called Dynamic Spinning Reserve (DSR). To ensure the system stability and to allow higher penetration of renewables applications ComAp has developed DSR. This function allows the system to react flexibly to changes in power produces by renewable energy sources. ComAp controllers can react to requested spinning reserve and keep the sufficient amount of gen-sets running to cover the drop-in output of the renewable part (e.g. when cloud cover is heavier). Reserve is a concept we see throughout the ComAp product line, it overall deals with the idea of managing unused capacity of the overall system.


DSR is not a standard feature and first requires our Hybrid software along with activation of the feature through one of ComAp’s official distribution channels.


Benefit: The DSR feature allows us to build upon the of integrating several core services into the controller such as PLC and SCADA and allows the Hybrid to be an integral function of the overall design by eliminating the need for third party components.

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